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Nothing represents the glorious and fraught history of france quite like the palace of versailles. The great and hidden splendors of the sun kings palace. As well as having a rich broadcast history, tony spawforth is the author and editor of numerous books on the ancient world. A wellwritten history of the building and various remodeling efforts undertaken at versailles, this book managed on a several occasions to prove interesting. The sisters of versailles by sally christie, love and louis xiv. In this fourhour versailles palace and gardens tour excursion from paris, we will join a historian to see the magnificent palace and gardens of versailles, the seat of.

This set reflects the dual vocation of the palace once inhabited by the sovereigns and then a museum dedicated to all the glories of france inaugurated by louisphilippe in 1837. There are photos of several famous buildings and structures and of many famous pieces of art. At 208 pages, it gives the history of paris about 20 pp. Versailles vendome press publisher of art and illustrated books. With 60,000 artworks, collections of versailles illustrate 5 centuries of french history. A history of france from the earliest times to the treaty of versailles was originally written for servicemen being deployed to france to fight in world war i who might want to know something of the history of the country. This featurelength film, based on margaret macmillans acclaimed book of the same name, takes us inside the most ambitious peace talks in history. Versailles tour guided tour of the palace and grounds by. However, i found the amount of detail on the actual construction of the palace to be, on the whole, rather meager. The books is divided by the time the palace was built until louis xvi and so on. The behindthescenes story of the worlds most famous palace, painting. The decoration of louis xivs apartments and the story of his day shed light on the personality of this absolute sovereign. A concise history, looks at how that treaty was assembled and examines its mixed legacy. This was published after the massive restorations of the apartments it shows some of the unfinished rooms.

It is located in the department of yvelines, in the region of iledefrance, about 20 kilometres 12 miles. The history of versailles is inextricably linked with the figure of louis xiv. A history of france from the earliest times to the treaty. Made famous by the absolutist king louis xiv, versailles became legendary for the splendor of its revels but then, after the revolution of 1789, it fell into disrepute as a reminder of royal excess and abuse of power. The photos are clear, detailed, beautiful, and wonderfilled. Although the location existed for centuries before the sovereign, louis xiv developed a genuine liking for versailles early on, and decided to extend it beyond the chateau that had grown out of the hunting lodge of brick and stone first built by his father. Versailles dirty secrets toute lhistoire the chateau of versailles is believed to have been a dirty palace. The young dauphin the future louis xiii came to versailles for his first hunting trip on 24 august 1607. This illustrated book offers a potted history and some 300. Art and history of paris and versailles is an excellent book. The most popular book event in france salon livre paris. Apart from being the seat of frances former monarchy, it is a magnificent museum of art and history. Made famous by the absolutist king louis xiv, versailles. From the splendour of the state apartments that evoke the life.

A biography of a palace by tony spawforth goodreads. The treaty of versailles, signed in june 1919 at the palace of versailles in paris at the end of world war i, codified peace terms between the victorious allies and germany. Versailles is the most famous royal palace in the western world. The women in the life of the sun king by antonia fraser, ma.

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