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A microstrip meander line reconfigurable antenna for. A triangular patch antenna for uhf band with microstrip feed line for rfid applications twinkle kundu1 and davinder parkash2 1m. Barros florida international university, 1991 miami, florida professor tadeusz babij, major professor the mininumerical electromagnetic code mininec program, a pccompatible version of the powerful nec program, is used to. Soh were designed a dual beam meander line antenna. The conventional microstrip transmission line is used with the crlhtl as an interconnect between the patch elements in a manner similar to the dualband lines reported in. Meander line antenna is a type of the microstrip antennas.

In order to meet the demand of developing communication equipment the research of antennas focuses on some particular aspect, for instance, how to reduce the size of antennas while maintaining. Patch antenna loaded with meander line and partially. If the antenna had a 100% radiation efficiency, all directivity would be converted to gain. Therefore, the mlas parametric studies is discussed which involved the number of turn, width of feed w1, length of feed li and vertical length partial ground l3. Size reduction and bandwidth enhancement of aperture coupled.

Circular shaped fractal pifa antenna provides high efficiency and gain 7. The layout of the interconnect on the 5880 substrate is shown in fig. Dec 04, 2012 introduction in its most basic form, a microstrip patch antenna consists of a radiating patch on oneside of a dielectric substrate which has a ground plane on the other side for good antenna performance, a thick dielectric substrate having a low dielectric constant isdesirable since this provides better efficiency, larger bandwidth and better. Meander line antenna mla is an electrically small antenna which poses several performance related issues such as narrow bandwidth, high vswr, low gain and high cross polarization levels.

Radiation pattern with maximum gain the radiation pattern with maximum gain of the proposed meander line antenna has been simulated at the tripleband. Apr 30, 2018 meander line antenna, meander line antenna theory, meander line antenna wiki, meander line antenna design equations, meander line antenna meander line antenna basics. This paper describe the design,simulation and development of meander line microstrip antenna at. The meander line antenna was proposed by rasheed and tai for reducing the resonant length4. The design of triple band meander line with two rectangles fig. Design of meanderline antennas for radio frequency. The design of an effective meander line antenna for rfid purposes requires balancing geometrical characteristics with the microchip impedance. Meander line antenna mla is an electrically small antenna which poses several performance related issues such as narrow bandwidth, high vswr, low gain.

Design of meander line antenna for operating frequency of. This inductance is important because electrically small antennas can have a signi. Mutual coupling reduction for two closely spaced meander line. Inserting suitable slots in radiating patch is also a common technique in reducing. One standard meanderline antenna and other two nonstandard meander antennas have been. The antenna is loaded with traditional coplanar waveguide inductor and. Mutual coupling reduction between closely placed microstrip patch antenna using meander line resonator jeet ghosh1, sandip ghosal2, debasis mitra1, and sekhar ranjan bhadra chaudhuri1 abstractan approach of reducing mutual coupling between two patch antennas is proposed in this paper. This research focuses on the optimum value of gain and reflection coefficient. In this paper, a classic meander line is investigated for a single band operation with wider bandwidth.

Mutual coupling reduction between closely placed microstrip. An antenna includes one or more conductive elements for acting as radiating antenna elements, and a slow wave meander line adapted to couple electrical signals between the conductive elements, wherein the meander line has an effective electrical length which affects the electrical length and operating characteristics of the antenna. The radiation pattern of the meander line antenna was shown in fig. As a result, the studies have significantly achieved mlas gain and reflection coefficient of. Design of a miniaturized meandered line antenna for uhf rfid tags. Pdf design and analysis of a meander line cornered microstrip. Coaxial probe feeding technique has been obtained to excite the antenna. In case of meander line if meander spacing is increase resonant frequency decreases. The radiation pattern of microstrip or patch antenna is. A printed invertedf antenna can be implemented in the classic invertedf shape, usually to one side of the circuit board where the ground plane has been removed from underneath the antenna. Design, fabrication, and characterization of a dualbandelectrically small meanderline monopole antenna for wireless communications. The meander line has n fingers with both finger gap and width is gm and wm, respectively. Design and analysis of a meander line cornered microstrip patch. The coupling element and meander line antenna affect size of antenna and radiation efficiency in antenna structure, it has been introduced in background 36.

Dual band meander line antenna for wireless lan communication. The antenna array built on the metamaterial substrate showed significant size reduction and less mutual coupling compared to similar arrays on conventional substrates. The meander line another antenna variant is the meander line see the figure, d. Design and analysis of a folded meander dipole antenna using. Such a design is also called the greek fret or greek key design, although these are modern designations. The idea is to fold the conductors back and forth to make. The basics of patch antennas, updated orban microwave. Tm stands for a magnetic field distribution between patch and ground that is transverse to the zaxis of the antenna shown in figure 1. Design and analysis of meander microstrip antenna at wireless. The patches can be rectangular, square, circular, triangular, annular or elliptical in shape. Efficiency of a meander line antenna depends on the number. A meander line loaded antenna provides a wide instantaneous bandwidth with a first planar conductor extending orthogonally from a ground plane, a second planar conductor substantially parallel to the ground plane and separated from the first planar conductor by a gap, a meander line interconnecting the first and second planar conductors across the gap, and a third conductor connecting the.

The first resonance of meander dipole antenna is at 200 mhz. Meandering the patch increases the patch over which the surface current flows. The antenna is center fed and it is symmetric about its origin. In this paper, a novel meander line microstrip logperiodic dipole antenna for dualpolarized radar systems is presented and optimized, working in the reference frequency band 28ghz. On the one hand, the name meander recalls the twisting and turning path of the maeander river in. Design and simulation of meander line antenna for wireless.

Pdf design and simulation of meander line antenna for lte. Section i provides the overview of microstrip meander line reconfigurable. Photograph of the meander line antenna with the coupled patch. The design of meander line antenna is a set of horizontal and vertical lines. The reduction in length to every stairstep of meander line is 1. However, the uhf tag antenna has a narrow bandwidth performance that involves a ground plane which increases the design complexity. Therefore, there is an issue of optimization in determining the antenna parameters for best performance. A tripleband meander line with two rectangular shapes planar. Spiral inductors are much more efficient but require an air bridge to connect inner end of an inductor. The radiation pattern of the antenna seems to agree with the quasiisotropic pattern at xzplane. The dipolemeander class creates a meander dipole antenna with four dipoles. The dimensions of the crlh unitcell are shown in the caption of fig.

What is meander line antenna meander line patch antenna. Conclusion and stub antenna for wlan, gps and wimax applications has been demonstrated. Experimental results and validation todetermine if thedesign in fig. Due to reduction in meander lines, antenna resonates at higher frequencies. These antennas come in various shapes where its shape is defined by the shape of the metallic patch placed on the dielectric material. By using the patch antenna the return loss, gain, directivity. A novel meander line microstrip logperiodic dipole antenna. Design and comparative study of meander antenna and microstrip. The following image shows a microstrip or patch antenna. A microstrip meander line reconfigurable antenna for wireless. In the case of a microstrip line fed antenna, where the source and the transmission line characteristic impedance or the transmission line and the antenna edge impedance do not match, waves are reflected. The design of our patch antenna founded on meander line technique is. Low bandwidth of the classic meander line antennas is a problem 3, as the classic meander line antenna is one of the microstrip antennas 4.

Pdf in this paper, the meander line antenna mla have been designed to operate at. As seen in the september 29, 2009 edition of the rf globalnet. In this paper, they have investigated the parasitic element of the meander line antenna. Research article mutual coupling reduction between patch antennas using meander line qian li,1 chong ding,1 ruichao yang,1 mingtao tan,2 gangxiong wu,1 xia lei,1 xuebing jiang,1 shuanzhu fang,1 minzhi huang,1 yubin gong,1 and yanyu wei1. For the basic design of the proposed aperturecoupled antenna, the geometrical configuration in 8 is referred. By inserting the meander line resonator between the patch antennas with the edgetoedge distance less than 18, about 8db reduction of mutual coupling throughout the 10db bandwidth has been achieved without degrading the radiation pattern. Therefore, in our work, we make a study on the meanderline antenna. Fundamental specifications of patch antennas radiation pattern a patch antenna radiates power in certain directions and we say that the antenna has directivity usually expressed in dbi. Pdf a miniature rfid antenna at uhf band using meanderline. Design, fabrication, and characterization of a dual. Inserting a slot in the ground plane between the antenna. When the antenna is excited, the waves generated within the dielectric undergo reflections and the energyis radiated from the edges of the metal patch,which is very low. Design and analysis of meander microstrip antenna at. Patch antennas and microstrip lines 51 amount of power that is transferred to the load or the amount of power reflected back.

Inserting a slot in the ground plane between the antenna elements is a simple method to reduce the mc, while adding the mls in the slot of the ground can further reduce the mc. Consider the microstrip antenna shown in figure 1, fed by a microstrip transmission line. Dgs is incorporated in the ground plane under the patch antenna to improve its. Mutual coupling reduction between patch antennas using. Typical half wave patches have efficiencies well above 90%. Design of meander line antenna for operating frequency of 2. The design of meander line elements of the meander line antenna is shown in fig.

Pdf the study of different impedance meander line for microstrip. The patch antenna, microstrip transmission line and ground plane are made of high conductivity metal typically copper. The design is to operate the antenna in the frequency of 2. It can be seen that from the figure4 the design result with acceptable matching of 50 ohm. Meanderline antenna is a truly transformation of monopole antenna. Here, a meander line resonator is placed in between the radiating elements. Introduction microstrip patch antenna arrays are currently used in satellite communications and wireless systems for their attractive features such as light weight, small size, low cost, improved directivity and obtaining a desired pattern which is not achievable in single element con. Two closely spaced printed meander line antennas mlas are developed by using metamaterial loading techniques with reduced mutual coupling. In this paper a meander line monopole patch antenna with microstrip line feed has been designed for wireless lte application in the frequency band covering lte 7, 15, 16 fdd bands and lte 40 tdd band. Pdf a microstrip meander line reconfigurable antenna for. What is meander line antenna meander line patch antenna youtube. Design and fabrication of an electrically small meander line. However, another approach is a modified patch antenna, the shorted patch antenna. Pdf mutual coupling reduction between patch antennas.

The operation of classic meander line is changed by two p i n diodes which helps antenna to resonate at different frequencies. A seriesfed microstrip patch array with interconnecting. The initial length of meander line is 9 mm and it reduced to 8 mm or 7 mm. A seriesfed microstrip patch array with interconnecting crlh. This antenna is inspired from a conventional meander line patch antenna with emnz metamaterial ground plane to improve efficiency and impedance matching over the desired frequency range. In the meander line antenna the length of the patch is more than the. Meander lines mls in two configurations are presented to reduce the mutual coupling mc between two microstrip patch antenna elements. The patch is of length l, width w, and sitting on top of a substrate some dielectric circuit board of thickness h with permittivity. Combination of horizontal and vertical lines forms turns. A triangular patch antenna for uhf band with microstrip feed. Nearzero metamaterial inspired uhf antenna for nanosatellite.

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